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Triathlon Humor

TRI not to pee yourself!

Inside the Mind of a Marathon Runner

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Here’s a funny running video cartoon that takes a peek in the mind of a marathon runner during the emotional roller coaster of 26.2 miles of running.

Don’t be THAT Triathlete

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Lesley Paterson, Xterrra world champion, does an awesome job with this funny triathlon video.  We’ve all been there, that’s what makes it so funny.    The video can’t be embedded here so watch the video on

don't be that triathlete

Sex Before an Ironman Triathlon?

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Should you have sex before your Ironman triathlon? See what Macca has to say about it.

Sheldon Running – Big Bang Theory

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Who says you can’t be fast and go long at the same time?  Sheldon Cooper doesn’t seem to have any problem with it!  Watch Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory, run from California to the Grand Canyon dressed as Flash in this funny running video.

Lance Armstrong & Oprah fight

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Conan O’Brien reveals what really happened during the Lance Armstrong – Oprah interview about doping.